EAN's API Optimization and The Butterfly Effect

Small changes can make a big difference. Christian Heiler, Expedia Affiliate Network's Head of Optimization Strategy, shows us a few ways to increase your API speed.

We've all heard of the Butterfly Effect. The idea that one small seemingly inconsequential act can have large recourses down the line. Recently, EAN's own Christian Heiler held a webinar which touched on a few ways to speed up your API. Making one of these changes might increase your API speed by a millisecond. However, when grouped together, these changes can have a significant impact in your speed. And isn't it all about speed?

The webinar touches first on ways to integrate our API into your website. From there, Christian walks through step-by-step to identify key areas where you might make a change for the better. One note mentions to identify languages when making a call to our API. If you are located in the states, for example, and you do not send a locale, our API will default to English but a default isn't as "default" as it seems. When the system defaults to a specific language (or currency, for that matter), it has to retrieve the default settings. When you make the initial call using the correct "English" or "USD," it saves a lookup...which saves time...which improves your connection stability and response times in the long run.

This and many other tips can be found in Christian's webinar. Speak to your EAN representative to get access to this and upcoming webinars in our new monthly series.