How Mature Is Your Multi-Channel Digital Marketing Strategy?

How mature is your multi-channel digital marketing strategy? gian caprini, expedia Affiliate Network's Head of DIGITAL MARKETING, asked this question to our partners. Here is what he found.

Seven minutes in to EAN’s most recent webinar, EAN’s Head of Digital Marketing, Gian Caprini, asked the attendees, “How mature is your multi-channel digital marketing strategy?” In a world where social and mobile platforms have seemingly taken over, it might seem that most companies have a robust and well-oiled marketing machine on their hands.

The response that led the pole?

“Transition: developing digital campaigns with basic tracking.”

Not bad. Not bad. Our first option was “Test: no strategy yet, testing and learning phase.” So well done for getting the digital marketing in place! Sadly, we are still a ways off from reaching “Integrated: fully integrated cross channel campaigns.”

That’s where EAN comes in.

During our most recent webinar titled, “Multi-channel Digital Marketing: How to Measure and Influence the Online Booking Process,” Gian shares top trends for 2016 such as increased cost of acquisition and new demand generation channels being made available. He then goes into how to measure the online booking process followed by how to influence the online booking process.

This is the second webinar for Gian following his “Mobile Best Practices” held in November of last year. To gain access to these webinars and more, reach out to your EAN representative today.