Expedia® Affiliate Network (EAN) has Expanded Hotels Available Inventory for your Early and Last Minute Shoppers

Customers wanting to take advantage of great rates or secure a particular hotel/room category for events beyond a year away can now do so.  “We have extended our booking window limit from 330 days to 500 days.  This extends potential sales by adding almost half a year of additional inventory to your site”, Dianne Jackson, Account Management for Canada advises.  Once a booking is confirmed and paid for, the rates are guaranteed.

On the opposite side of the spectrum, EAN is making sure clients are given the convenience of booking last minute by extending the same day cut off time to 11:59pm.  “With the trend to more mobile transactions, we need to ensure we offer your clients last minute availability” Jackson added.

Neither of these updates requires any changes to your core API code. Simply update any UI logic for calendars or date selectors to allow customers to search and book within the extended windows – that's it!