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Work with a partner who's built its business around ensuring you receive the highest level of support and is laser-focused on helping you succeed.

With EAN, you will grow your business faster. Flexible access to accommodations from across the globe, coupled with our proactive support services, means you can focus on your core business and leave the heavy-lifting to us. 

There are four key things that set us apart:

1. Quality accommodations & flexible access

Our supply team delivers an extensive and growing network of over 300,000 accommodations worldwide, in locations we know are popular with travelers. Access our world-class rates and availabilities in the way that best suits your business.

2. We know the science of travel

As part of one of the world’s largest travel businesses, we have 20 years of travel technology innovation experience behind us. This expertise, along with significant investment into R&D, forms the bedrock of the robust, cutting-edge technology that underpins our solutions. The result? Products that are engineered to deliver you conversions, fast.

3. We help you get ahead

As a purely B2B organisation, we know that our success depends on your success. That’s why we offer enterprise-class support that is configurable to how your business works. From launch optimization to technical integration, digital marketing to agent and customer support, our team of experts is dedicated to identifying opportunities to optimize and grow your business.

4. Partner-shaped innovation

We are constantly evolving our product offering in line with our partners’ feedback. We make sure every detail is designed with your business in mind. Alongside our core products, we have a number of solutions to help you operate as efficiently as possible. For example, our merchandising tool helps your marketing team surface our most relevant deals in seconds.

Access EAN your way...

Access our network of accommodations in the way that best suits your business. Whether you want fully customizable APIs, a ready-to-go branded or white-labelled template solution or a powerful agent tool, we have the solution to fit.

Rich APIs

Our most versatile solution, EAN’s suite of APIs, provides you with the building blocks to create a customized solution for your exact needs.

Template Solution

Choose our high converting out-of-the-box For Partners solution for a white-label or co-branded hotel offering.

Agent Booking Tool

A ready-built solution built for agents. A tool that empowers your agents to deliver a better booking experience.

Click & Earn

A simple way to monetize any website with a direct link to No integration needed.

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Work with a provider that’s built its business around ensuring you receive the highest level of support and is driven to help you succeed. Work with EAN.