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Tips, news and insights from across the affiliate travel industry.

Blog 26 Jun 2017

What to expect from travel tech in the coming months

'Phocus Forward: The Year Ahead in Digital Travel' takes the key learnings from recent years, with a focus on in-depth research on the market in 2016.

Blog 12 Jun 2017

Bleisure is real – How can CTMCs adapt?

Whatever your feeling about the word, bleisure is a very real phenomenon. We look at how corporate travel management companies can add value to both employer and employee.

Blog 08 Jun 2017

6 techniques to tackle falling customer loyalty

​​Ariane Gorin, Senior Vice President and General Manager at EAN, looks at how travel companies can improve customer experience and drive loyalty.

Blog 30 May 2017

An agile mindset in a b2b environment: Part 2

In part 2 of this series, Manish Gajria, VP of Product at EAN, shares some final thoughts on how spreading Agile throughout your organization can benefit you, and why it’s important to limit dependencies in b2b.

Blog 22 May 2017

An agile mindset in a b2b environment

Manish Gajria, VP of Product at EAN, shares his experience and thoughts on how you can use Agile methodologies to tackle the challenges of b2b product development.

Blog 15 May 2017

Uncertainty is the new normal: 5 things the travel industry realized in 2016

In an increasing age of uncertainty, EAN looks at the key learnings from 2016, from agents and disruptors to social media and robots.

Blog 20 Apr 2017

5 things to understand about digital growth in the Middle East

Arabian Travel Market (ATM) gets bigger by the year, and as online sales and smartphone penetration increase, the digital opportunity in the region looms larger than ever.