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Tips, news and insights from across the affiliate travel industry.

Blog 31 Jul 2018

Life at EAN: Nicola Lucchetta

Nicola Lucchetta, Data Architect, talks about his time at EAN and how his colleagues have supported his development over the last five years.

Blog 25 Jul 2018

Travel tech explained: Building our partner community

Much as we like the image of a lone genius toiling away at their desk, in our world – the world of travel tech – it's all about a combination of internal teamwork and closely understanding our partners' businesses. That's why we launched two initiatives to bring our partners together: EAN Think Tanks and EAN Ideas.

Blog 20 Jul 2018

Corporate travel disruption: Tech innovations now and next

Following on from our research on business travel trends, we take a look at the external factors shaking up the sector in both the short and long term.

Blog 12 Jul 2018

Life at EAN: Zahir Abdi

Zahir Abdi, Software Engineer, talks about his time at EAN, his table tennis competition and most memorable travel experience.

Blog 21 Jun 2018

Travel tech explained: Geography

When it comes to marketing hotels, your geographical data can have a big impact on your conversion rate. So, we're taking a look at why it's so important to fully understand geography and to keep it updated.

Blog 15 Jun 2018

Life at EAN: Phoebe Clarke

Meet Phoebe Clarke, a member of EAN's tech team. Phoebe shares her insights on life at Expedia Affiliate Network.

Blog 08 May 2018

Life at EAN: Anca Sarb

Introducing Anca, a Software Engineer at EAN. Anca tells us how the working environment here supports her development.

Blog 29 Mar 2018

Life at EAN: Christa Smith

Meet Christa, one our of Technology Interns. Hear about her experience at EAN so far!

Blog 13 Mar 2018

Life at EAN: Daniele Biagi

Meet Daniele, one of EAN's Software Development Engineers. Hear how EAN has supported Daniele’s career development as well as his work/life balance.

Blog 19 Feb 2018

Life at EAN: Meral Sahin

Meet Meral, one of our Software Development Engineers. Meral shares what she enjoys about working at EAN and some the highlights from her recent projects.

Blog 19 Jan 2018

Life at EAN: Martin Golder

Martin Golder, Technical Operations Manager, talks about life at EAN, the project he's most proud of and why a trip to the Isle of Wight is his most memorable travel experience.

Blog 05 Jan 2018

Life at EAN: Alex Gee

EAN's Alex Gee, Agile Delivery Director, shares her experiences of working at Expedia, work/life balance and her most memorable travel experience.

Blog 22 Dec 2017

Show, don't tell: The power of images in hotel conversion

There's a world of difference between one image of a pool and the kind of optimized, high-resolution experience you need to stand out. Here's how to harness the power of images in your hotel sales.

Blog 04 Dec 2017

More than accommodation: A big-picture approach to hotel supply

Hotel supply is much more complex than that, and while quality hotels are the essential foundation to build your success on, access to rates and availabilities is just one aspect of a great hotel supply. We look at the bigger picture to see why great hotel supply is about more than hotel product.

Blog 01 Oct 2017

Why the global travel industry is ready for gamification

Gamification means applying game elements in a traditionally non-game setting; it's been doing the rounds in tech circles for a few years, but now it's ready to make a big impression on the travel industry. Here's why.

Blog 24 Aug 2017

Four ways to supercharge your hotel supply

Here are four tips to help you get the most from your hotel supply, whether you've been using the same supplier for years or you're just starting to source hotels.

Blog 07 Aug 2017

The hotel booking baseline: Minimum expectations for today's traveler

Exciting times lie ahead at the bleeding edge of booking tech. Chatbots and AI, voice booking and hyper-personalized offers are set to make waves in coming years. But what about the other end of the spectrum?

Blog 26 Jun 2017

What to expect from travel tech in the coming months

'Phocus Forward: The Year Ahead in Digital Travel' takes the key learnings from recent years, with a focus on in-depth research on the market in 2016.

Blog 12 Jun 2017

Bleisure is real – How can CTMCs adapt?

Whatever your feeling about the word, bleisure is a very real phenomenon. We look at how corporate travel management companies can add value to both employer and employee.

Blog 08 Jun 2017

6 techniques to tackle falling customer loyalty

​​Ariane Gorin, Senior Vice President and General Manager at EAN, looks at how travel companies can improve customer experience and drive loyalty.

Blog 30 May 2017

An agile mindset in a b2b environment: Part 2

In part 2 of this series, Manish Gajria, VP of Product at EAN, shares some final thoughts on how spreading Agile throughout your organization can benefit you, and why it’s important to limit dependencies in b2b.

Blog 22 May 2017

An agile mindset in a b2b environment

Manish Gajria, VP of Product at EAN, shares his experience and thoughts on how you can use Agile methodologies to tackle the challenges of b2b product development.

Blog 15 May 2017

Uncertainty is the new normal: 5 things the travel industry realized in 2016

In an increasing age of uncertainty, EAN looks at the key learnings from 2016, from agents and disruptors to social media and robots.

Blog 20 Apr 2017

5 things to understand about digital growth in the Middle East

Arabian Travel Market (ATM) gets bigger by the year, and as online sales and smartphone penetration increase, the digital opportunity in the region looms larger than ever.