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Electronic Funds Transfers

By default, EAN sends marketing fees payments in US Dollars via a paper check to the address listed on your Profile page in the Affiliate Center. Partners who wish to receive payments direct to a bank account (direct deposit) are encouraged to setup an EFT.


  • Speed – eliminate the transit time associated with a postal check
  • Dependability – no missed payments due to lost or misdirected mail
  • Convenience – no need to visit your local bank to deposit funds
  • Localization – receive payments in one of 23 supported currencies


  1. Download the latest EFT form.
  2. Open the file with a PDF reader such as Adobe Acrobat. Verify that your reader permits you to type in the form fields directly – handwritten entries can cause delays in payment.
  3. Fill out the form completely as appropriate for your bank information.
  4. Ensure the address in the Affiliate Information section of the form exactly matches the address listed on your Profile page in the Affiliate Center.
  5. Ensure the Account Holder's Name under the Bank Information section exactly matches the Check Payable field on your Profile page in the Affiliate Center.
  6. Print the form and sign your name in the signature area.
  7. Scan and email the form to We will verify receipt of the EFT and confirm with you accordingly.

Additional Information

The instructions listed above apply to all partners, regardless of whether you are setting up an EFT for the first time or updating an existing EFT.