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News from EAN

Stay up-to-date with the latest EAN press releases and product updates.

product updates 15 Apr 2018

A new way to access EAN's Database Files

To make it easier for you, EAN recently introduced a new method for requesting files.

product updates 28 Feb 2018

Better track your site placements with Google Analytics

​‘Custom Channel Groupings’ can be setup within Google Analytics to track placement performance data (such as the cross-sell widget) on your For Partners site.

product updates 26 Feb 2018

Grow your loyal audience through loyalty messaging

You can now include loyalty messaging on your hotel booking confirmation page and email within For Partners.

product updates 05 Feb 2018

Improvements to ChainCodeID within V3 API Database files

We will be updating the ChainCodeID values within the property database files in V3 API.

product updates 18 Jan 2018

Updates to our Geography Definitions

EAN will be updating the Geography Definitions within the API

product updates 05 Dec 2017 For Partners - Paypal now available to UK and US POS

EAN has now added PayPal as an additional payment option through For Partners.

product updates 12 Nov 2017

API - New train and metro station database

EAN has introduced a database file with the geography coordinates of train and metro stations.

product updates 17 Oct 2017

Affiliate Voyager - New agent login requests and marketing fee module

Two additional features marketing commissions function and shorter agent provisioning (login creation)have been added into Affiliate Voyager.

product updates 08 Sep 2017

Affiliate Voyager - New features available

New features such as icons and new search filters are now available through EAN's world-class agent tool, Affiliate Voyager.

product updates 26 Jul 2017

New Manage My Booking Widget

EAN has recently launched a Manage My Booking widget to help enhance your post-booking experience.

product updates 02 Jun 2017

EAN API image enhancements

​High-resolution images can now be easily identified by the EAN API, with the introduction of image-focused technology

product updates 01 Jun 2017

New bookable currencies now available

​10 new bookable currencies are now available on EAN’s V3 API and Affiliate Voyager.

product updates 21 May 2017

API new features - New content fields added

To provide travelers with more detail when shopping, EAN added 3 new content fields that deliver the check-in end time, minimum check-in age and more.

product updates 11 May 2017

Deals API Star Ratings parameters

Star Rating parameters have been added to the EAN Deals API to enable partners to identify deals associated to particular hotel star ratings.

product updates 06 Apr 2017

EAN launches Affiliate Voyager

​EAN now offers partners an agent booking tool that provides access to book EAN rates with complete visibility on availability and all the detail they need to make and manage bookings.

product updates 15 Mar 2017

Deals Finder new filtering capabilities

​Partners can now filter by hotel chains and/or independents through the EAN Deals Finder.

product updates 08 Feb 2017

EAN launches Deals Finder tool

EAN have launched their most powerful merchandising tool yet. Help your marketing team find the right deals for their strategy with EAN Deals Finder.

product updates 16 Dec 2016

New Manage My Bookings now live

All partner sites previously hosted on the Chameleon Template (‘hosted site’, aka TravelNow) will be redirected to the new 'Manage My Bookings' service by the first week of December when we complete the decommissioning of the Chameleon solution.

product updates 29 Nov 2016

V3 Deals API now available

The V3 Deals API is now available for you to create effective deal campaigns on your sites and offline channels. You will be able to merchandise EAN’s hotel deals across your sites, email marketing campaigns or other merchandising channels.

product updates 12 Oct 2016

Changes to geography definitions & destination IDs

We are currently optimizing our geography capabilities with new geographical definitions and more.

product updates 12 Oct 2016

Deals File now available on Insights

The EAN Deals File, that provides you with all the current and future deals that you can market to travelers, is now available on Insights.

product updates 09 Sep 2016

EAN launches For Partners

We are delighted to announce the launch of our new template solution for Partners, a new online platform that allows partners to white label or co-brand with

product updates 07 Jul 2016 launch new partnership with CarTrawler

CarTrawler, the leading online travel technology platform, has today announced a partnership with™, the online accommodation booking website.