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Account Management

As an EAN partner you benefit from the support and knowledge of our outstanding Account Managers. They help you grow and proactively identify opportunities for your business.

Delivering everything required to get your EAN integration off the ground, your Account Manager is your first port of call and your access to our extensive network.  

Gaining your trust is key, which we do through our honest approach and straightforward communication. 

From day one, we focus on getting to know your business and helping you understand ours, working together to engage all of the key stakeholders and build a long-term strategic relationship for future growth. Together we are a team, and we are happy to collaborate directly with internal stakeholders, technology suppliers and third parties (and everyone in between).

What you can expect from your Account Manager


  • A proactive, strategic approach focused on optimizing your business
  • Collaboration with internal and 3rd party teams
  • Working alongside our Partner:Connect team to ensure a seamless integration


  • Smooth day-to-day running of activities and regular reviews
  • Fast response, support and escalation as required
  • Training for self-service access to sales and analytics reporting 


  • Tailored reporting to suit your growing business
  • Creative ideas and best practice sharing from across our network of experts

We move with your business, responding to your feedback and use our own industry insights to continually develop our product portfolio to fit your business needs


Our products come wrapped up with unparalleled support. Discover the other services we offer.


Access our supply the way that best suits your business: a fully customizable environment or a white-label hotel offering, we have the solution to fit.

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To learn more about our account management, speak to an EAN representative.