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EAN Rapid

A new way to connect...

Introducing a brand new travel API to power your hotel business based on the latest intuitive technology, designed to deliver bookings… fast.

For more than a decade, we’ve been powering the hotel business of the world’s leading airlines, travel agencies and consumer and loyalty brands.  We’ve helped them innovate and win in travel with a versatile API at the heart our offering. 

Like our partners, we’ve grown and with the future in mind, it's time for a new way to connect to our huge range of accommodations and competitive rates…with a new EAN API. 

Dynamic and rich property content

Connect to over 400,000 accommodations with rich content and competitive rates for travelers.

  • Over 400k intelligent geography definitions that intuitively match geography searches to where travelers want to stay
  • More than 35 different property categories. From hotels to resorts, to treehouses to chalets. We’ve got your traveler needs covered
  • Over 13 million rich property images and over 7.5 million room images, each with clear and distinct captions

RESTful API with enhanced capabilities

A quick and intuitive API, its modular format allows for versatility to suit your unique travel business.

  • Modular architecture lets you integrate only what you need in a way that suits your business
  • A simple API path with URL linking so not only are integrations intuitive but your requests are targeted, so you only deliver the necessary data
  • Lean and elegant API responses which keep them light and fast

Partner support & developer tools

Our partner-focused approach is long-term; supporting you through integration, optimization and business growth.

  • A rich developer experience through with access to: API schema, extensive developer docs, reference documentation
  • Fixed release schedule to make integration easier and let you know what enhancements you should expect and when.
  • All backed by our unrivalled 
    EAN partner expertise and customer service support

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Introducing EAN Rapid… created with the future in mind, it's a brand new travel API built on the latest technology, designed to deliver accommodations and bookings fast.

As a fully RESTful API, it's based on modern, intuitive technology standards, with a modular architecture that enables you to integrate what you need in the way that best suits your business.

EAN Rapid in numbers


geography destinations


rich property images and over 7.5 million room images


lighter Shop API


different property categories, from hotels to resorts, to treehouses to chalets.

As technology advances so do the needs of you and your travelers. You need to deliver quality accommodations with the richest content and competitive rates, fast.


Find out more about the other ways you can access our supply. We have the solutions to fit your business needs.


Our products come wrapped up with unparalleled support and proactive optimization services from our partner-focused team.

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